Go Tell It On The Mountain

As with most new adventures, the first step is always the hardest.  But with proper motivation, it is also the most exciting.  Blogging is definitely an unknown frontier for me.  To prepare, I attempted to figure out what makes bloggers tick.

I started reading lots of posts, paying special attention to the maturation process evident throughout each blog.  I started to notice similarities.  Regardless of the style, topic, or individual author, the over-arching theme I repeatedly observed was PASSION.  Each and every blogger feels so passionately about their “something” that they are compelled to share it.  To connect with others who share their passion.  To introduce new people to their world.  Bloggers are individuals who shout their good news from a mountain top.  Ok, a keyboard.  But really, the internet reaches farther than any mountain, and it’s easier to access.

So, what am I passionate about?


Specifically, being able to help people in need.  This is totally what makes me tick.  Providing, assisting, caring, connecting.  Basic levels of human support and interactions.  Raw emotion and uplifting moments.  Exhausting days and exciting projects.  Chocolate and coffee (staples of the social work diet).  Fortunately, I have the perfect job that incorporates all of these things at The Kroc Center.

As I begin the journey to the top of my mountain, I am looking forward to sharing inspiring stories of strength and courage, discussing important policies that impact our mission, and introducing our team as we strive to support one another.  Oh, did I mention chocolate? And coffee.  Preferably both.



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