Spotlight on a Kroctastic Achievement: Bruce Fuqua

Bruce with his 3rd place trophy!

Bruce with his 3rd place trophy!

Meet Bruce!  He is the Facilities Director at the Kroc Center.  Bruce competed in his first ever body building competition on July 5th, 2014.    Not only did he complete his first competition, but he placed 3rd in his age group!  The most amazing thing about his achievement is that it happened on the anniversary of his emergency appendectomy.

During the year following his surgery, Bruce decided to get back in shape.  He was shopping for life insurance and wanted to be healthy to get a good price.  He had always dreamed of being a body builder, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!  “I have always wanted to be a body builder and compete, but thought I was too small.  When I found out that it was not all about how big you could get but more about symmetry and proportion I decided to start training.”

Bruce’s training regimen consisted of 10 months altogether, including 5 months of intense preparation.  Early morning workouts, strict dieting, and even the time commitment of posing classes all presented significant challenges.  The hardest things were getting to the gym by 6:00am every morning and staying away from junk foods and sugars while getting enough protein. “I want to thank my wife Dawn for being patient with me making noise at 4:30am every morning when I would get up to come in and work out and when I would leave her alone on Sunday afternoon so I could go to posing practice.”  But winning an unexpected 3rd place made it all worth the work!

The Kroc Center played a big part in Bruce’s motivation and success.  “Without the Kroc Center I don’t think I would have done anything different than I always had done before working here.  I would have tried to stay fit, but would not have learned that competing was something I could have ever done.”  He appreciated all the support and instruction from the staff, and especially loved the convenience of training in a facility that provides all the equipment and expertise he needed to prepare.  “The trainers and staff were a great resource for information and instruction and were always eager to help me with any questions I had.”

Since the competition, Bruce has expanded his fitness goals.  “I would like to continue competing and maybe do some mud runs or obstacle racing.  I might even throw in some cross fit.  I would like to do some parkour, but I may have to make sure my insurance covers crazy first!”

Bruce & wife Dawn (center) with the FRC staff Kolleen (left) and me!

Bruce & wife Dawn (center) with the FRC staff Kolleen (left) and me!

When asked what words of wisdom he has for anybody embarking on their own journey, Bruce stated, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people who know more than you, and share your goals and success with others.  The support and encouragement I get from the people here [The Kroc Center] have made all the difference for me.”












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